9 On-Screen Couples Who Would Never Get Together In Real Life

Love always wins. It must; otherwise, what"s the point? It"s a fairytale for kids and lonely people who want something to hold on to. There is so much drama in relationships on TV. Usually, they end in happy endings. We as viewers often root for the happy couple because it"s entertaining. Have you ever seen a TV or movie with a romantic subplot, and thought, "Those two would never look at each other in real-life!" I know because I have.

These are the couples you see on TV who have no chance of getting together in real life.

1. Ross and Rachel, Friends

Let"s start with a timeless classic. Both Rachel and Ross are extremely unhealthy for one another, and it shows each time they get back together after a break. Ross is a 5 and Rachel is 10. It"s ridiculous.

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