7 of the Best Boomers on TikTok

TikTok is the new social media app that is taking over the world. It has left other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter behind. TikTok has already received over 2 billion downloads within its short existence, which should tell you a lot about the app"s popularity.

While it is often associated with younger audiences, there are a lot of boomers (that"s a modern term for "old people") who have discovered the app and have built quite a following. Let"s take an in-depth look at the top boomers on TikTok.

Charles Mallet

He didn"t join TikTok to co-star on videos made by his grandchildren, he has his own profile and videos. He takes on all the challenges, he has a great sense for style, and he also shares his recipes with his followers.

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