8 Best Movie Performances by Children

Children in movies are always a mixed bag. It"s great to meet new talent before they"re fully formed. On the other, you may be shocked at how many movies feature child actors. They are often not able to raise a movie above its current status due to their lack of training and experience. Sometimes, however, we see a child star emerge from the ashes and we are able to see a true diamond in the rough.

Let"s take an in-depth look at some of Hollywood"s best child performances - I guarantee you will know at least a few of these names.

Christian Bale (Empire of the Sun).

While we know him as the greatest Batman of recent memory, that wasn"t his first major acting gig. Bale was a star in Empire of the Sun He was just 12 years old in 1987. He played the role in the Steven Spielberg classic of a child from a wealthy family who is imprisoned by a Japanese army. He is forced to leave his parents and begins to lose his wealth. This movie basically tells the story about what would have happened if Bruce Wayne had not been able to inherit all the money he needed to become Batman.

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