23 Marvel Heroes Reimagined by Xi Ding

Marvel heroes have been rising for years thanks to all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. This is especially true for cartoonists and artists whose inboxes were overflowing with requests for superhero commissions. One of such artists is cartoonist/caricaturist Xi Ding . He was born in Shanghai and grew up there. However, he developed his artistic skills in Austria where he still lives and works today.

Xi Ding has a unique style of caricature that he has been using for the past ten years. He can take only 3-4 minutes to draw a character"s facial features and then redraw them in any of the many styles. You may have guessed from the title that he worked on a lot of Marvel characters. But that-s not all he has done. Follow him now!

Let"s take a look at some of these amazing caricatures!

1. Loki - The god of mischief himself

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