8 Most Innovative Advanced Robots That Will Change the World

We"ve all seen Bladerunner and Robocop. AI, Terminator, and iRobot are just a few of the many. Robots will be a part of our future as a planet. Will robots one-day rule the world? There are some amazing and almost unbelievable robots already in existence. You can see if they will one day rule the world!


Honda created ASIMO, a humanoid robotic robot. It was designed with the goal of creating a robot that could coexist with humans. The world"s first autonomous robot capable of continuous behaviour, without the need for human intervention, was introduced to the public in 2000. The latest version was released in 2011.

ASIMO is now more able to fit into public places such as offices and public places due to advancements in intelligence and movementtechnology.

ASIMO is already capableof adapting to its environment, and adapting to people or objects if they are within its vicinity. Face and voice recognition are common, even when multiple people speak at once - something that can sometimes be difficult for humans to do. ASIMO can predict the direction that a human will walk, allowing it avoid collisions with humans. ASIMO can run at around 9 kmph, hop on one or two legs, jump, walk on uneven terrains, sign language, and even pour a drink into a cup.

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