11 Theories on Why Aliens Keep Leaving Us Behind

It doesn"t matter if you are familiar with the Fermi Paradox, but it is quite strange that no alien civilization has yet contacted us. This vast Universe is billions of years old, and there are billions of planets and stars. Some of these planets support life in some way. Yet, here we stand, all alone. This raises questions about why we are kept ignorant of other civilisations. Many theories have been proposed to answer the centuries-old question, "Are we alone in the Universe?" Here are some of our most potent theories.

Wesimply do not overlap

Ourhuman civilization has only existed for a few seconds, if at all, compared to the age ofthe Universe. This is the lifespan of an intelligent civilization. We are separated in time and space by billionsof lightyears. To be able to scan large areas of the Universe and travel through space continuum in seconds, we would need to develop beyond our imagination. This is before we destroy ourselves, which is a sad but possible scenario.

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