What Famous Paintings' Women Looked Like

We all have wondered, at one time or another, if the famous portraits of women that we know look anything like the originals the artist created. Many things, including original models for famous art works, can be found online. Gala Dali (Salvador Dali)
Salvador Dali was not the only one of many painters to use their wives as models. He allowed her to pose in his art and she took care of his finances. It was a perfect marriage!

Pablo Picasso (Olga Khokhlova)
Olga Khokhlova, a beautiful ballet dancer of Russian descent, was stunning. For 37 years, she remained Picasso"s spouse. We can see the struggle in their relationship in Picasso"s paintings. Olga looked realistic and beautiful at the beginning. Picasso began drawing her in a surrealistic and obscure way by the end.

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