10 Amazingly Cute Albino Animals

Albinism refers to a genetic condition in which animals or people are born without any pigment (or color) in their bodies. Melanin is responsible for skin color. Albinism animals don"t produce enough or any melanin. This makes their skin and/or scaling completely white. Sometimes they look like ghosts, other times it makes them very unique and cool. Here are 10 adorable albino animals. Panda
An albino panda was spotted in the wild! This is the big news for this month. This is the first time an albino panda has been seen in the wild and it was featured on almost every TV channel.
Panda bears are cute, chunky, and well-known for their black and/or white coloring. It would be easy to think that an albino panada would look like one of the white polar bears, but it is clear from the animal"s size and shape that it is a panda. It"s not known if there are any albino pandas left in the wild. However, the chances of that happening are slim as panda numbers worldwide have been declining.

Pinky the Dolphin
Pinky the dolphin, a Louisiana bottlenose dolphin with albinism, is Pinky. This albino animal is pink, which is quite different from most of the other animals on this list. While his albinism is not different from other animals on the list, Pinky is unique because his skin is thin and has thousands of capillaries underneath. They are visible because they are so close to Pinky"s melanin-free skin, giving the dolphin its majestic pink color.
Pinky the Dolphin was discovered for the first time 12 years ago. There have been rumors since then that Pinky may have had offspring with albinism. However, it is not known if Pinky has any children.

White Giraffes
With their long necks, long legs and strange appearances, giraffes can look a bit odd. Albinism makes for a unique creature. Although the white giraffe in the above photo still has visible spots, there have been many other albinism-positive giraffes spotted over time who have completely white skin and no signs of color.

Moby Dick
The famous Sperm Whale, a famous character in Herman Melville’s novel, was white. This means that the famous Sperm Whale, Moby Dick, was likely albino. This giant white whale is what made him unique and was the reason for the protagonist"s obsession with catching it.
Moby Dick was a fictional whale but he was based upon a real albino Sperm Whale named Mocha Dick. Mocha Dick was murdered in 1838. His body measured 70 feet in length.

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