The Most Dangerous Food in the World

Imagine if eating was not only necessary to survive, but could also be fatal. Isn"t that cruel? It doesn"t matter if it is, it"s the world that we live in. Although there are very few foods that can quickly kill you, it doesn"t mean that eating food should be a joy. Here are a few foods that could kill you or cause your entire life to be destroyed.
Rotten Cheese
I"m not talking about the regular "Oh, I left it in the fridge for too much" Casu marzu is a Sardinian delight that can be rotten. This cheese can contain insect larvae because it ages so long. Bonne alimentation!

This Japanese delicacy can be deadly if it isn"t properly prepared and cleaned.

Lininol can be found in this South American and African dish if it is not properly cooked. Although it may not be important to you, it can cause cyanide poisoning if you eat it.

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