6 Amazing Black Sand Beaches from All Over the World

White sand beaches can be boring for guys. These are the beaches that everyone goes to. You can do something different this year by choosing a black sand beach. Your Instagram followers will be grateful. You may be wondering how black sand beaches are colored. This is due to volcanic activity nearby. These are six beaches that you should check out.

1. Kaimu Beach, Hawaii It"s not surprising that Punalu"u Beach isn"t just a beautiful black sand beach. It"s also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, regardless of its type. There are many options for you when you visit Punalu"u Beach. You can walk to the coconut trees and then relax and take in the beautiful views of the bay. You can swim in the warm ocean water below, and cool fresh water above. Or, go snorkeling to see if there are any mermaids.

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