Do you remember when we used to watch TV shows? The Top 15 Shows in the 1990s

Remember the 90s, guys! As if? Hella? Talk to the hand? You can"t help but be a good sport, people! You might also like the JNCO Jeans in ridiculously baggy sizes. Reebok Pumps Teens with pagers Those creepy Furbies? New Jack Swing? We"re sorry if you can"t remember your name or if your existence is still only a theoretical possibility. Those were great times. Mostly. *Single tear on one cheek* Even if you didn’t live through the 90s, there are many iconic TV shows that can help you learn about those crazy and wonderful times. We"re going to be looking at 15 shows that defined those days. I won"t allow fights to break out so we"re not ordering them in any particular order. Boo-ya!

1. Xena: Princess Warrior Xena was originally born on Hercules: The Legend Continues She was supposed to be killed off following her third appearance. But viewers found her so fascinating that they decided to allow her to live... and even let them star in a spin-off series. This was for a time the most watched TV show in the world. It still has a cult following. Ayiyiyiyiyi!! !

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