15 Places You Must See in India

India is a mysterious and magical land that most people don"t know much about. Both are true. The country is much more than this. Did you know that India has 9 recognized religions, 22 languages, and more than 2,000 ethnicities? You didn"t. India is also home to many amazing, unusual places that are worth exploring. Here are 15 places that you should include on your itinerary.

1. Shetpal, Maharashtra -- The Village of Friendly Snakes Do you like snakes, Peeps? You probably don"t. What about the super-nice kind? Still no. I see. Shetpal is the ideal place to conquer your fears. Every home must provide a safe place for the cobras to rest after a hard day of slithering. A bit like your slacker friend but fangier. There has never been one reported snake bite. So feel free to give them a gentle poke in the face. Please, no.

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