Top 7 Charitable Celebrities 2017

While some celebs are very stingy, others give more than enough to charities, giving away millions of dollars. Is it because they feel compelled to or because they love doing this? We won"t know the answer, but I do know that they are making a difference. These millions will go directly to those in need, where water is more valuable than gold, or they might help create a breakthrough in medicine that can cure cancer. Celebrities donating to charities is fine as long as there aren"t any grabby politicians. Here are the top seven most charitable celebrities of 2017.

7. Zendaya This is the Spider-Man Homecoming"s new MJ, and she-s amazing. She not only donated to Hurricane Harvey victims but she also asked her social media followers to donate through Convoy Of Hope for her birthday gift. Well, played, Z!

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