On Screen vs. Real Life: The Big Bang Theory's Cast 11 Years After the First Episode

Is that possible? The Big Bang Theory Has been with us for over ten years? It seems like a lifetime ago! It"s amazing how much can happen in just 11 years, from your hairstyle and body to your marital status. We can all agree that the Big Bang Theory cast has seen a lot, both onscreen and in real life. Did they make any changes since 2007 when we first saw them? You bet! You bet! Here"s the cast of The Big Bang Theory 11 years since the first episode.

Kaley Cuoco is equally stunning Kaley Cuoco looks amazing! She"s had some major changes in her relationships and hairstyles over the past decade. Kaley is back with her gorgeous pixie cut. She has been on a few dates and now she"s sporting her golden locks again. Karl Cook is her long-term boyfriend. We wish her all the very best!

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