13 Amazing Female TV Characters Who Really Made a Difference

A strong, open-minded (or sweet, naive) female character is essential for any TV show to be successful. We"ve reached a point where amazing women can have their own shows. Jessica Jones, Wonder Woman, Veronica Mars, Agent Carter There are many others. Sex and the City are two of the most beloved classics. They are filled with smart, vibrant, and sweet women who go about their daily lives. We grew up watching characters like Buffy and Charmed girls defeat evil and send demons back home to hell long before the Winchester brothers came along. We were inspired by the amazing feats of women and realized that we could also do them - if only we wanted to! Here are 13 female TV characters who made a real difference.

Brienne of Tarth Game of Thrones While GOT is full of strong female characters, Brienne stands out among the rest. She is a knight, warrior, and woman of honor in a world that is governed by medieval laws. She has to fight prejudices about her gender, in addition to fighting real men. She is an inspiration!

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