11 Star Wars Creatures That We Are Absolutely Mad About

Even if you haven"t yet, Star Wars: The Last Jedi You"ve likely heard a lot about the plethora new creatures that came with it. Every movie in the iconic franchise brings something new and we are eager to see what other adorable races and cute critters the filmmakers create next. Star Wars fans have their favorite Star Wars characters, from monsters to strange races to all the cute cuties that inhabit the universe. We are no exception. Star Wars has much more to offer than the adorable porgs, ice foxes, and the Last Jedi. This list includes 11 Star Wars creatures that everyone loves, regardless of whether you are a diehard fan or a novice.

Loth-cats Do not let their adorable appearance fool you. Although loth-cats look cute, they are wild beasts that can only be controlled by Force bearers. They are just as cute as cats and easy to fall in love. Be careful with their sharp teeth and claws. They mainly live on Outer Rim planets, which are rich in grassy plains and smaller animals to hunt.

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