Photographer Turns Absolutely Ordinary Places into Artful Photos

Do you ever feel that something is not quite right when you look at a photo? It"s not often what you think it is. We don"t think it is wrong to use all kinds of tricks and stunts to create stunning photos. However, sometimes the results are so different from what actually happened on set that it"s shocking. Photographers not only have a wicked sense of photo-witchery but also have the ability to transform any mundane setting into a stunning backdrop for a masterful shot. It all seems magical, but take a look behind some of these amazing shots. These are 15 amazing photos that Gilmar Silva captured in the most unlikely places. Visit the Instagram account of Gilmar Silva to see more of his work. page.

Post-processing can transform a beautiful shot into something truly stunning. Look at the bright, sunny colours in the second photo! It is also important to get enough saturation.

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