People are replacing Christmas trees with festive pineapples because why not?

Christmas trees are becoming a bit boring, right? Almost everyone can agree on this. They are just green cones filled with useless stuff. You just throw it in a box and forget about Christmas. Nobody wants to admit how awful their Christmas decorations are.

The internet has the perfect solution for you Christmas decorations woes: pineapples! Yes, it makes sense. I will admit that I was skeptical at first. It"s delicious, but bear with me. They aren"t regular pineapples. They"re festive! Festive pineapples! What"s not to like about that?

I will admit that I don"t understand the connection between Christmas and pineapples. But, I think it was time to do something different to spice up this otherwise dull holiday. I don"t know how you would collect all the presents under your festival pineapple, but we"ll figure that out. We always do. We"ve made it this far. Now, we must not give up. Let"s make Pineapple christmas a reality, because everyone deserves a special holiday.

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