7 Best Movies and TV Shows Based on Stephen King Books

Although I don"t know much about Stephen King I do know that many of his books have been made into movies or television over the past 30 years. This makes him one of the most well-known authors of our times. Kubrick"s horror classic "The Shining" may have featured King-s novel. Remember the movie about Pennywise, the killer clown, and a bunch kids? King. Carrie - yes, the Master of Horror himself! Stephen King wrote even the recent Dark Tower, which was a huge failure. With so many options, which of his TV shows and movies are worth your time? The short answer is to watch them all and make your own decision. Here"s my personal top seven!

It (2017) While I loved the 90-s "It", I can"t deny that the 2017 version is superior in almost all aspects, except the absence of Tim Curry. You"ve probably seen it before, but if you haven"t, turn the lights down, grab some popcorn, and hit the play button. Unless you"re a scared little wuss, of course! You can always wait for the second part (yes, there is a part 2) and then watch them both in one go. Pennywise is waiting!

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